What’s in the Sky in July

Image: Looking towards the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy.  Credit: Mark Justice


At this time of the Year the spectacular heart of our Milky Way Galaxy is rising in the East.

  • 1st  Saturn is rising at 7.45pm AEST and is at a distance 1358.8 million km, magnitude +0.4.
  • 6th Moon at Apogee, furthest from Earth for the month 00:46hrs AEST, 405, 340.1km.
  • 21st Moon at Perigee, closest to Earth for the month, 20:27hrs, 364,517.9km.
  • 31st Saturn is rising at 5:37pm AEST and is at Opposition on Monday August 2nd at 3:57:12pm AEST, closest approach to Earth, magnitude +0.2, distance 1336.8 million km..