Health Policy



All visitors are to welcome to wear a mask inside and outside.


The Current capacity will be displayed if there are restrictions in place on each room and this must be followed as you move about the venue.


Hand cleaner is to be used upon entry, or after using rest-room facilities. Hand cleaner is available in each point of entry, feel free to use at any time.


Double Vaccination is required unless you have a medical certificate or are under current DHHS listed age.


Masks can be taken off when having refreshments or meals and it is preferred to have refreshments outside if the weather is suitable. If the weather is not suitable, Refreshments will be provided inside and masks can be put on again when you have finished eating.


Any unnecessary touching of objects is to be avoided, reducing the risk of transmission of bacteria and any virus, whether it is flu or covid or any other.


Your Safety and Staff Safety are our Objective, to that end these conditions may change at any time and so any last minute updates from DHHS will be announced upon your arrival.


If you are unwell, it is best to stay home, to protect us all. Thank you.

This Policy will be updated without notice if circumstances change and bookings notified if they are affected.