What’s in the Sky in April


  • 1st Moon at highest altitude 29 degrees South.
  • 6th  Comet 12/P Pons -Brooks is now setting just after the Sun sets. It may be visible depending on your location and altitude for a short time later in April but start looking when it is closer to Jupiter. By the 27th April it maybe more visible in telescopes as it moves away from perihelion, it’s closest approach to the Sun.
  • Image April 11th positions.
  • 8th  Luna Perigee, closest distance from Earth for the month 04:50hr AEST 358,851.2km. The moon will be a Super Moon, which is when the Moon is closer than 360,000km to the Earth.
  • 9th AEST time,  8th over America a total Eclipse of the Sun will occur across Mexico America and Canada. A live NASA link for the event;
  • 20th Luna Apogee, furthest distance from Earth for the month 13:09hr AEST 405,623,1km.
  • 14th Luna lowest altitude 29 degrees Nth.
  • The Emu, which contains the area of the Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy, is now rising in the East just after 9.00pm AEST. The Emu is formed by the dust lanes of the Milky Way with the head of the Emu just below the Southern Cross, the dark area also called the Coal Sack, as it it so dark except for BZ Crucis. BZ Crucis forms the eye of the Emu and is a 5th Magnitude Variable Star 1217 light years from our solar system.



  • 22nd Earth Day – marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.
  • 29th Moon at highest altitude 29 degrees South.