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Krystal De Napoli and Total Eclipse of the Moon

November 8, 2022 @ 19:00 - 22:00

Image Credit: Phil Hart

Tuesday 8th November

7.00pm Guest Speaker : Krystal De Napoli – Gomeroi astrophysicist


Krystal is an astrophysics graduate, now undertaking an Honours degree at Monash University where she is researching star formation rates in galaxies under the supervision of astronomer Dr Michael Brown.
Host of Indigenuity for Triple R 102.7FM; a weekly conversation with Indigenous knowledge holders showcasing all forms of Indigenous ingenuity.

Krystal is passionate advocate for Indigenous sciences, Indigenous astronomy in particular, which she explores through public presentations, research, writing, and embedding Indigenous knowledges into secondary and tertiary curricula.
Her book “Astronomy: Sky Country”, coauthored with Karlie Noon, was published by Thames & Hudson in May 2022.

Krystal’s astrophysics research experience extends into projects that explore detecting exoplanets from light-curve data, characterising galaxies from raw images, as well as her current focus on determining the star formation rates of galaxies from ASKAP RACS data.
Krystal’s Indigenous astronomy research experience includes an exploration of the use of lunar cusps in calendaring wet and dry seasons, examining the traditions of the Pleiades in Aboriginal astronomical traditions, and a general dive into the astronomy of the Muruwari people with Muruwari man William Stevens, with all three of these projects being done in collaboration with cultural astronomer Dr Duane Hamacher.

Krystal is employed as a teaching associate at Monash University, where she has assisted in the development and teaching of their first ever Indigenous Science undergraduate subject and working as a teaching assistant in the area of astrophysics and mathematics at John Monash Science School, where she has helped in the design and teaching of an Indigenous science course for their Emerging Sciences Victoria program.

Krystal was a research intern with CSIRO’s Data61 division, where she used evolutionary algorithms to refine granular particles used in soft robotics in 2018/2019.
In 2019/2020, she utilised augmented reality (AR) software to develop engaging scientific outreach tools.

Supper included.

8.09 pm Total Eclipse of the Moon Begins
Time for Eclipse AEDT
  • Penumbra entered 19:00
  • Umbra entered 20:09      Moon rising in Ballarat
  • Totality begins  21:16
  • Greatest eclipse 21:59
  • Totality ends 22:42
  • Umbra left 23:49
  • Penumbra left 9th November 00:58


November 8, 2022
19:00 - 22:00


November 8, 2022
19:00 - 22:00
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