Kaleidoscope of Nature Exhibition

We are Celebrating Nature (5th – 30th January 2021)

As we slowly come through the Covid19 pandemic and after the 2019-20 Bushfires, we can see that nature can rebound.

Who would have thought that while the pandemic raged, the planet was able to take a cleaner breathe than it has for many decades.

What we witnessed may give us hope that we can live a more sustainable existence on planet Earth, that citizens have witnessed miracles of change and will want more.

Bring along your best framed prints with the subject anything from nature, at any time, with as little editing as possible for exhibition and a few short details of how you took the image, content and sale price, commission for Observatory 5%.

Special extra section call for images celebrating dramatic improvements in the environment during Covid19 shut down, send electronic images from anywhere on the planet to bas (at) with information and authority to us for our special edisplay “Earth’s COVID19 Pause, A Lesson in Time?” section, an exhibition and display of images, and no sales of these images, opening on 5th January 2021.

Entry Costs

Members: $5 per print.

Public Non -Members $10 per print.

Book in your prints

Prints can be available for sale, pick-up after exhibition closes, or delivered on paid order if owner agrees.

Deliver “Cleaned for COVID19 Protection” Prints wrapped for protection to Ballarat Municipal Observatory and Museum 439 Cobden Street, Mt Pleasant by HAND by appointment contact on 0429 199 312 to arrange or POST to Ballarat Municipal Observatory and Museum P.O.Box 284 Ballarat 3353