Health Policy



Covid is still in the comunity and all visitors are to welcome to wear a mask inside and outside if they would like to further protect themselves from catching Covid or the Flu.


The Current capacity will be displayed if there are restrictions in place on each room and this must be followed as you move about the venue.


Hand cleaner is to be used upon entry, or after using rest-room facilities. Hand cleaner is available in each point of entry, feel free to use at any time.


Vaccination is advised when it is available as this will protect you from the full affects of Covid or flu or anything else cirulating in the community.


If you would like to wear a mask, they can be taken off when having refreshments or meals and outside tables are available for refreshments with an undercover area nearby as well. If the weather is not suitable, refreshments will be provided inside and masks can be put on again when you have finished eating.


Any unnecessary touching of objects is to be avoided, reducing the risk of transmission of bacteria and any virus, whether it is flu or covid or any other.


Your Safety and Staff Safety are our Objective, to that end these conditions may change at any time and so any last minute updates from DHHS will be announced upon your arrival.


If you are unwell, it is best to stay home, to protect us all. Thank you.

This Policy will be updated without notice if circumstances change and bookings notified if they are affected.

Federation-Adcock Telescope


In October 1998, the Ballaarat Astronomical Society (BAS) applied for a Commonwealth Grant under the Federation Community Projects Program to construct a new reflecting telescope. It was proposed that this new telescope would be designed and housed to enable efficient use by disabled persons, specifically those confined to wheelchairs, the very young and the elderly. The grant for this project was approved in September 1999. BAS received $20,000 towards the project from the program and the final cost, not including 100’s hours of hours of Volunteer work, discounts and donations was closer to $50,000. A remarkable achievement for BAS and for the Community people and Businesses that supported the project.

The telescope at the time, was the latest in a series of novel designs produced by Mr Barry Adcock who is a member of BAS and of the Astronomical Society of Victoria. The telescope is described as a 40 cm Cassegrain reflector, having folded optics arranged in such a way that the eyepiece remains in one fixed position, regardless of where in the sky the telescope is being aimed. Thus, an observer sitting in a  wheelchair is able to view comfortably through an eyepiece that never moves.

Pathways were extended to the new telescope and an additional disability access Cafe and Rest Rooms were added to our existing small, well ventilated outside Facilities.  The original Garden Superintendents Cottage was moved from Eureka Park and this now houses disability access rooms, including an expanded library, cafe, kitchen, camera obscura, meeting room and restrooms.