What’s in the Sky in October


The Sun now past the Southward Equinox, the Southern Hemisphere is heading into warmer weather as we approach perihelion with the Sun.

  • 10th  Moon at Apogee, furthest point from Earth this month, 14:43hrs AEDT,  distance from Earth 405,424.7 km.
  • 18th Saturn is a stunning object nearly overhead in the evening with several moons of Saturn being clearly visible in our telescopes. At Magnitude o.65, distance 1389.3 million km, 77.24 light minutes away.
  • Jupiter is rising at 20:12 hrs AEDT and currently in the constellation of Aries.
  • 26th Moon at Perigee, Closest point to Earth this month, 14:05hrs AEDT, distance from Earth 364,874.7km.


  • 29th Partial Eclipse of the Moon begins at 05:00hrs AEDT in the early morning  in Ballarat.

the Moon will be setting at 6.20am as it enters the Umbra of Earth’s shadow. Jupiter is just East of the Moon. The Moon should darken as it sets.