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What’s in the Sky in November

  2nd Saturn at mag. 0.7 rising 11:49hr AEDT, Dist. 1,442,603,653km. Tilt of Saturn’s North pole towards Earth is 15.2591 degrees. 2nd Jupiter is a brilliant  evening object during November […]

Federation-Adcock Telescope

  In October 1998, the Ballaarat Astronomical Society (BAS) applied for a Commonwealth Grant under the Federation Community Projects Program to construct a new reflecting telescope. It was proposed that […]

What’s in the Sky in February

February 5th Saturn in conjunction with the Sun. 6th Luna lowest altitude 26 degrees North of the Celestial Equator. 11th The Large Magellanic Cloud  (LMC) reaches highest altitude about 9.30pm […]

What’s in the Sky in May

Image: Looking East, 6th May 04:00hrs AEST May 6-7th Eta Aquarid Meteor shower peaks on the afternoon of the 6th at 13:00hrs AEST,  ~50 meteors /hour, travelling at 65.9km/sec.  This […]